Ficken Wiper Service
Trico Vacuum Operated Wiper Motors Rebuilt
We service most types of Trico vacuum operated wiper motors. Beginning in the 1920's and going up as late as 1972 for AMC. We have rebuilt thousands of our customers Trico wiper motors  over that past 3 decades.
NOT an exchange program, we work on YOUR wiper motor! If you are missing a core let us know. We may be able to come up with a core for you. We start fresh with each unit. Your motor will be completely dis-assembled. Cleaned using ultrasonic cleaners. These do a great job at cleaning both the outside as well as in each little port and passage. Once looking good your motor will be re-assembled with all new soft parts installed. The heart of the rebuild is replacing the paddle or seal inside. This is where the power of the wiper motor comes from. In addition to the new paddle your motor gets new gaskets, new on/off valve or gasket (depending on motor type), ALL new parts in the reversing mechanism, new air filter (when used).  Bad knobs get replaced. Rusted covers are cleaned, blasted and clear coated. Give me a good core and I will make it run and look great!

Each motor is bench tested and carries a 3 year warranty!
Quick turnaround.
$99 for the rebuild +$8 Shipping and Handling within US.*

   The procedure is easy! Simply box up you old unit (wrap it well as we all know that  packages get beat up in shipping). Include inside your name, address, a phone number. Ship anyway you like, we will return it UPS ground unless you tell us different. We prefer pre payment with a check or Money order. We also accept Mastercard and Visa, or we can COD it back to you, but that adds $7.75 in UPS charges.
*Canadian Customers note. Postage is a little higher at $10. I will return via USPS air mail to avoid high UPS brokerage for you. MC or Visa is easiest over the border.

We hope this answers most basic questions. Should you have any more questions feel free to email us, or call for a human voice.

(631)587-3332 M-F 9- 5 EST
 Thanks, Rob Ficken