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American Cars & Light Trucks 1920's - 1958

AMC up to 1972

See below for a partial listing of vehicles we cover.

Wiper Arms & Blades up to the 1980's

Sorry we do not sell repair kits

We Will Rebuild Your Trico Vacuum Wiper Motor!
We have many New Old Stock motors in stock.

We also stock many Wiper Arms, Blades, Refills,

Wiper Transmissions, On/Off Switches & Washer Pumps

Most anything Older, American  and Wiper Related!

Buying & Selling Trico and Anco Products

Ficken Wiper Service
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Sorry, We do not sell any repair kits.

Robert Ficken


Stop and See us at:

 Carlisle in the Spring and Fall Space I-105 (Charter Vendors Since 1974)

Fall  Hershey AACA RWE-30 Every Single Year since 1967!

  Worlds largest stock of Trico Vacuum operated wiper motors & related parts.

 We cover 1920's through 1958 For Wiper Motors ( Up to 1972 AMC ).

 We rebuild them all and stock many NOS units! We bought out the left over stock from the Trico assembly line in Buffalo N.Y. when they moved to Texas in the 1980's.

Our Vacuum Wiper Rebuild Parts Inventory is Second To None!

  Vacuum wiper motor rebuilding service.

2-3 week turnaround, 3 year warranty,

30+ Years experience. (Ask your friends/club members)

$99 plus $8 S&H (UPS Ground)

Ask me any of your wiper related questions!

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Click Here For factory Service info on Checking Trico Washer Systems for 1958 and prior.    Worth a look!

Email us at Sales@Wiperman.com


We work strictly on Trico Vacuum operated Wiper motors. Trico is original equipment on most American Cars and Trucks up to 1958. Here is a partial list, many more independents not listed.

AMC up to 1972

American Bantam

Auburn All Years

Buick up to 1958

Cadillac up to 1958

Checker Cab

Chevrolet Passenger cars up to 1958

Chevrolet Trucks up to 1960 with Vacuum wipers

Chrysler (mopar vehicles swap between Trico Vacuum and electric depending on the year).


Cord All years

Diamond T

Dodge (mopar vehicles swap between Trico Vacuum and electric depending on the year).

Desoto (mopar vehicles swap between Trico Vacuum and electric depending on the year).

Duesenberg All with Vacuum Wipers.


Edsel All Years


Franklin All years

Frazier All years

Ford up to 1959

GMC Trucks

Graham All years (paige)

Hudson up to 1954


International Harvester IHC

Kaiser All years


Lasalle All years

Lincoln up to 1958

Mack All vacuum Models



Mercury up to 1958

Nash Most Years

Oakland All Years

Oldsmobile up to 1958

Overland (Willys)

Packard All years

Pierce Arrow

Plymouth (mopar vehicles swap between Trico Vacuum and electric depending on the year).

Pontiac up to 1958

Rambler   Most years



Rolls Royce

Studebaker All with Vacuum Wipers

Terraplane All Years


Willys All years

Many, Many other makes used Trico Wipers as original equipment, I work on just about all of them! Just Ask!